Lesson Plan - Webquest: The Journeys and Journals of John Lederer

A Lesson Plan for Grade 11 Language Arts

By Jennifer Job, School of Education, UNC-Chapel Hill

Students will study maps in relation to primary source texts to glean insights into the discovery of Western North Carolina. Students will demonstrate knowledge of map features and how they increase understanding of the documents. Students will also show understanding of the writing of the time period and how it relates to the culture of the Native Americans.

This lesson plan is available as a formatted worksheet, which can be printed and distributed. Download the worksheet by clicking the title: colonial_lit_k12.pdf

Detail from A Map of the Whole Territory Traversed by Iohn Lederer in his Three Marches, 1672.

Time Required: One 90-minute class period.

Materials and Resources:

  • Computer access
  • WebQuest Sheet (.pdf) posted online for access
  • LCD projector

Teacher Instructions:

  1. This lesson is meant to accompany early colonial literature. Review with students a brief history of colonial discovery. A good resource to review beforehand is Colonial and State Records of North Carolina.
  2. Provide students with the .pdf handout online (on Blackboard, in a server folder, etc.) so that they may access the links as they go. If this is not possible, the two links are:
  3. Students may work with partners if so desired.
  4. Have students type their answers to the questions for a document to hand in.
  5. After students have completed the Webquest, display John Lederer's map using the LCD projector. Discuss answers to the questions using the map with the class.

Assessment Activity:
Webquests may be collected for assessment.

North Carolina Curriculum Alignment

Competency Goal 1: The learner will demonstrate increasing insight and reflection to print and non-print text through personal expression.
1.03:Demonstrate the ability to read, listen to and view a variety of increasingly complex print and non-print expressive texts appropriate to grade level and course literary focus.

Competency Goal 2: The learner will inform an audience by using a variety of media to research and explain insights into language and culture.
2.01: Research and analyze ideas, events, and/or movements related to United States culture.