North Carolina Official State Highway Maps

As automobile travel grew in popularity in the United States, drivers began to demand both better roads and road maps to guide their travels. Many private organizations, such as the American Automobile Association, responded to this demand by creating state and national highway maps. State agencies also began printing highway maps highlighting the roads in their states.

The first North Carolina State Highway map was issued in 1916, showing proposed highways connecting major cities across the state. This map was printed after the Federal-Aid Highway Act was passed in June of 1916, resulting in federal money to subsidize the cost of highway construction in individual states.*

The State of North Carolina has issued state highway maps on an annual or near-annual basis since 1924. From the 1930s until the 1960s, it issued two editions of the map every year, one in color and one in black and white.** Since the 1970s, color maps have been released annually or semi-annually. Various state agencies have created and published these maps, including the North Carolina State Highway Commission (later the State Highway and Public Works Commission) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

View Official State Highway Maps by Date

The state highway maps in North Carolina Maps range in date from 1916 to 2000. To view maps from a specific year, click on one of the links in the table below. Users can also browse all official state highway maps.

1916 1918 1924
1926 1931 1933
1935 1936 (color) 1936 (b & w)
1939 1940 1941
1942 1944 1946
1948 (b & w) 1948 (color) 1951 (b & w)
1951 (color) 1952 1953
1954 (b & w) 1954 (color) 1957
1958 1961 1963
1964 1965 1966
1967 1968 1968 (b & w)
1969 1970 1971
1972 1973 1974
1975 1976 1977
1978 1979 1980
1981 1982 1997

North Carolina Official State Highway Maps: Online Resources

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*From the Wisconsin Historical Society.

**From North Carolina Official Maps, Road Map Collectors Association.