Ann B. Ross. The Miss Julia Novels.

“Miss Julia” is Mrs. Wesley Lloyd Springer (later Mrs. Sam Murdock) of Abbotsville, N.C., a fictional small town probably based on Hendersonville. Miss Julia is a proper Southern lady with a fierce independent streak who does not hesitate to speak her mind. Each book finds Miss Julia embroiled in some new scandal or adventure and reveals, in the interactions between her and the colorful residents of the town, the warm-hearted kindness underneath Miss Julia’s feisty exterior.

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  1. Miss Julia is the most remarkable character of any book i have read in a long time. I suffer from a few incurable, very painful illness with no cure and no meds made specifically for them, therefore I spend my days in quite distressing pain. I happened upon her first book at the library when my Dear husband drove me there. I don’t think a character as feisty, both naive and smart and very lovable ever graced the pages of a book I’ve read like Miss Juliia @ Co. has. She is a true Steele Magnolia who makes me laugh out loud. I’m on the last one so I hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next installment next year.
    Bless you for bringing her into my life Ms. Ross.
    Your Faithful Reader in Calif.
    Jackie Meyer