Michael Malone. The Justin and Cuddy Novels.

Justin Savile V and Cuddy Mangum and police officers in the fictional town of Hillston, N.C., a small college town described as “A Bright Star in the Flag of the New South.” All of these novels are filled with funny observations about Hillston and its citizens and provide an honest look at the continuing clash between contemporary southerners and the traditions and ideals of the Old South.

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  1. bob kraft

    These three novels are my all time favorites. I keep waiting for a sequal in the series. I read in an on-line interview somewhere that Mr. Malone had plans for several more novels in the series. I have enjoyed reading all his novels but the Justin and Cuddy series is my favorites. Like my favorite unappreciated singer, Mickey Newbury, I feel that Michael Malone falls in the same category as an author.