P.T. Deutermann. The Cam Richter Novels.

At the start of the series Cam Richter is a Lieutenant in the Manceford County, N.C. Sheriff’s Office, but he later starts a new, supposedly less stressful, career as a private investigator. No matter which hat he wears, however, Richter gets thrown into dangerous situations as he tracks down thieves, arsonists, murderers, drug manufacturers, and other criminal bad guys in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


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5 Responses to P.T. Deutermann. The Cam Richter Novels.

  1. Lillie Mungin

    Will there be a sequel to “The Cat Dancers”? I enjoy recorded books and have listened to this novel twice. I love a good mistery.

  2. Rita Wing

    Are you going to be writing more “Cam Richter” books. Love them.

  3. Eileen McGrath

    This is not Mr. Deutermann’s blog. He does have his own website–recently updated–and you can contact him there.

  4. rick smith

    i have really enjoyed the cam ritcher novels with his buddies frick & frack +kitty. any possibility of more new sories to look forward to ?

  5. Eileen McGrath

    It appears that Mr. Deutermann has turned his talents toward thrillers and naval fiction set during World War II. His website appears up-to-date and includes ways to contact him. You are not the first person to ask for more Cam Richter novels. You might want to drop line to Mr. Deutermann.