Wanda Canada. The Carroll Davenport Mysteries.

Carroll Davenport is a Wilmington developer, but after she is falsely accused of murder she starts investigating crimes on the side. With the help of the protective Sheriff Stan Council and Ben Satterwhite, an FBI agent and possible love interest, Carroll chases criminals all over Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach


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14 Responses to Wanda Canada. The Carroll Davenport Mysteries.

  1. Joyce Puckett

    Read both Wanda Canada’s books and enjoyed both. Was in hopes that she had written more. Seems as if the 2nd book ended leaving it open for another book.

  2. Eileen McGrath

    This 2007 magazine article said that a third novel would be published shortly.

    I checked WorldCat (an international library database) and Amazon.com but did not see evidence of a third novel in either. I will be in Wilmington later this week and will check the local bookshops there.

  3. Eileen McGrath

    The nice people at Pomegranate Books in Wilmington told me that Ms. Hunter has finished the third novel and is looking for a publisher for it.

  4. Last year, I went to Wilmington, NC on vacation. Unable to resist a bookstore, I stopped in “Two Sisters Bookery,” and searched the shelves for mystery/suspense novels by local authors. I found “Cape Fear Murders” and “Island Murders” and, after reading the first couple of pages of each, I purchased both novels.
    When I got home, I read them and really enjoyed them. Your main character was delightful, your story was intriguing and your descriptions of Wilmington and the Cape Fear area were vivid; I felt as if I were still on vacation in North Carolina!

  5. Kelly Dennis

    I just read “Cape Fear Murders” and “Island Murders” and really enjoyed both. I hope the author is able to find a publisher for her 3rd novel. I look forward to it.

  6. Lynn Everson

    Visited Holden Beach last summer and found a signed copy of “Island Murders” at a local book store. It was going to be a gift, but decided to open it after recent surgery, and am I glad I did. From the start. I could not put it down. It kept me in suspense from start to finish. Am anxious to read “Cape Fear Murders”. Keep writing Ms. Canada!

  7. Just finished both books. Bought them at Rebecca in southport Looking for book three!!!

  8. Susan Kinnin

    Love the Carroll Davenport mysteries! Please Miz Canada, keep them coming!!!

  9. Lisa Baker

    Looking for book #3, is anyone aware if it was ever published?

  10. Steve

    i read both the cape fear murders&island murders,are there anymore books on Carroll davenport?

  11. Emily Jack

    Thanks for your comments. It looks like there’s a lot of demand for the third novel in the Carroll Davenport series. As far as I can tell, it still hasn’t been published. I’ll post any updates when I have them!

  12. Karen

    Read both novels years ago and frequently check to see if the author has written more. Always disappointed to see she has not.

  13. Susan Thomas

    Anxiously awaiting novel number 3 from Wanda Canada. Her books are wonderful. Any word yet?

  14. Joan Adams

    Picked up our signed copies last year while in Southport. Husband finished them first and urged me to read. Glad he did! Just finished the first one and am into the 2nd. Was looking online to see if there was a 3rd or 4th by now. Please keep writing Ms. Canada!