Dixie Browning. Social Graces. New York: Silhouette, 2003.

After socialite Val Bonnard’s father dies under a cloud of suspicion, her life of privilege disappears. Broke and with creditors harassing her, she heads to the Outer Banks and the small, rickety house that her great-grandmother left to her. When self-proclaimed handy man John MacBride arrives, she offers to trade him one week’s rent for one week of work on the house. What she doesn’t know is that MacBride is investigating the same crime that ruined Val’s life. As the two try to solve the mystery, they also battle their mutual attraction.

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  1. Eileen McGrath

    This is not Dixie Browning’s site. All the content on this site comes from staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We don’t know Ms. Browning’s plans, but I can tell you how I look for forthcoming books. Check to see if Ms. Browning and/or her publisher have Web sites; these will almost always list forthcoming books. Another good sources of information is Amazon.com. You can search for all of Dixie’s book and then sort the results by date.