Jan Karon. At Home in Mitford. New York: Penguin, 1994.

Mitford, N.C.–“a town delightfully out of step with contemporary America”–is the home of Father Tim Kavanagh. Episcopalian rector Father Tim gives of himself to the point of exhaustion, but even in the midst of a town that loves him he is lonely. In steps a stray dog that responds to scripture (Father Tim names him Barnabas), an orphan named Dooley, and a new neighbor that wants to “go steady.” This is the first in Jan Karon’s series of books about Father Tim and the fictional village of Mitford.

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10 Responses to Jan Karon. At Home in Mitford. New York: Penguin, 1994.

  1. Diane Wright

    I love all of Jan Karon’s books. I also enjoy her website at http://www.mitfordbooks.com. Her website tells about her life, her books and gives updates on her next books that she is writing. I think you will enjoy the site!

  2. Anne Still

    Really a question – Is Jan Karon still writing?
    Party of Four will it be out soon?

  3. Eileen McGrath

    Yes, Ms. Karon is still writing. According to the website for Ms. Karon’s books (http://www.mitfordbooks.com), Party of Four is due out in October 2010. The site also has a slide show of her recent visit to Ireland, where she went to do research for Party of Four.

  4. Jackie E. Ray

    I just love Ms. Karon’s books, she is so down to earth and so very clean.. I love the family like settings and the fact I did not have to worry abouy any nasty words…. And the prayers and bible verses… I in fact even looked up some of them in my own Bible…Thank you and God Bless you Ms. Karon and thank you for your books… I was so sad to have them end.
    A forever Fan of yours.

  5. Elaine Sipes

    Home to Holly Springs is without doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read! I read a LOT. There is not one word, one character,one story line that could or should have been changed just PERFECT.

  6. Debra Meyer

    Just finished In the Company of Others. This has to be my favorite one in the series. Not only was I anticipating what would occur in Tim’s life but also the journal. Found myself weeping like a baby at the end. Thanks for all your works.

  7. Tori Rowland

    I was wondering if Jan Karon is still writing? I have all of her books and am re-reading the Mitford series this winter, but have been unable to find any recent articles on her or any up-coming books. Is there a way to find out what she is up to now or if any future books will be forthcoming? Thanks!

  8. Elizabeth DeBold

    Hi Tori,

    It appears that Jan Karon might currently be working on a couple different projects: she has stated in the past that the Father Tim series will contain three novels. So far there are only two, so hopefully a third is in the works! In addition, since completing the Mitford series, she has apparently moved to an 18th-century farmhouse in Virginia, and one of her websites claims that she is currently writing a book on the restoration of that house. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t appear to be officially affiliated with her in any way, so I can’t vouch for the quality of this information. However, you might find the following websites and articles useful:

    – Jan Karon’s official website
    – The (unofficial?) website claiming she is writing a book on the restoration of her farmhouse:
    – An interview from beliefnet, a religious website, conducted in 2005 that features some comments on “what’s next” for her

    Additionally, these libraries have compiled several online lists of authors and books you might like, if you like Jan Karon. It isn’t Mitford, but might help while we all wait! Click on the links to go directly to their recommendation pages for Jan Karon.
    Wake County Libraries in North Carolina
    Multnomah County Library in Oregon
    Ames Public Library in Iowa
    Glen Public Library in Illinois

    Please let me know if I can help with anything else, and thanks for stopping by!

  9. Cynthia Kester

    The last entry was well over a year. . . almost two years ago.
    Any word on Jan Karon?
    I’m reading the Mitford series for the second time for lack of anything good at
    the local library, with the exception of the Ladies of Covington Series by Joan Medlicott.
    Would sure like to have a new Mitford book.

  10. Eileen McGrath

    Light from Heaven (2005) was the final book in the Mitford Series. After that Ms. Karon left Mitford behind, but kept her main characters in the Father Tim Series, which contained two novels: Home to Holly Springs (2007) and In the Company of Others (2010). Looking on Ms. Karon’s website and in Amazon.com, I don’t see any more recent books—or the hint of any new ones.

    Ms. Karon was born in the 1930s, so she may feel that she is ready for some rest. Few authors follow the Elmore Leonard model of writing and publishing into their mid-eighties. If Ms. Karon is indeed done with Mitford, Cynthia, and Father Tim, you will not be alone in feeling the loss. These books were loved by many people. There may be no exact replacement for the Mitford books, but you might try these North Carolina novels:
    Lynne Hinton. The Hope Springs Series. This series has many of the same elements as the Mitford series: small town setting, characters who draw comfort and joy from church-related activities, strong friendships, and women who support each other through life’s up-and-downs. The tone is positive, but realistic.

    Ann B. Ross. The Miss Julia Series. Church life doesn’t figure prominently in the Miss Julia books, and the tone is more humorous, but the setting and subject matter are similar to the other series.