Michael Phillips. Carolina Cousins Series.

In the Carolina Cousins books, the follow-up series to the Shenandoah Sisters books, cousins and best friends Katie and Mayme are still together, but the early years of Reconstruction are hard for the girls. They face both the normal difficulties of growing up and the many troubles of their time. Throughout the series, the girls face adversity–often related to race–and new characters who arrive at Rosewood become part of the family. The themes of friendship, forgiveness, determination, and faith run throughout the books.


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4 Responses to Michael Phillips. Carolina Cousins Series.

  1. betsy

    is there a 5th book in this series? and if so what is the title?

  2. Jenny McElroy

    Miss Katie’s Rosewood is the conclusion to the Carolina Cousins series, so there is no book five. However, in addition to the Carolina Cousins and Shenandoah Sisters series, Mr. Phillips has written at least one other series of books set in the South around the time of the Civil War. I’m fairly certain that they are set in Virginia rather than North Carolina, but the American Dreams books start with Dream of Freedom.

  3. Betty

    I am looking for the 4 book in the “Carolina Cousins Series” by Michael Phillips.

  4. Eileen McGrath

    The fourth book is Miss Katie’s Rosewood, published by Bethany House in 2007, and described elsewhere in this blog. If you are near Chapel Hill and looking for a copy to read, stop by the UNC-Chapel Hill Library which has two circulating copies. If you’re at some distance, you could get an e-book edition from Amazon or the iTunes store. If you’d prefer a paper copy try abebooks.com or your local bookstore.