Lynne Hinton. The Hope Springs Series.

The hope of becoming part of a “church family” has lured many people to fish fries, church yard sales, Bible study groups, and every manner of church-sponsored fundraisers and events.  Beatrice, Charlotte, Jessie, Louise, and Margaret were members of Hope Springs Community Church, but it was creating a church cookbook that brought them together. While sharing their recipes, they shared the story of their lives and they pooled their strenghts.  As the series has gone on, they have faced illness, separation, and death, all the while supporting each other and valuing the friendship they share.  The author, Lynne Hinton, is a minister; her knowledge of, and affection for, women like Beatrice, Charlotte, Jessie, Louise, and Margaret is evident in all the novels.


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2 Responses to Lynne Hinton. The Hope Springs Series.

  1. Lisa Strickland

    I am wanting to know how is an author considered to be a Christian author? I have read two of Lynne Hinton’s book and had started to read Friendship Cake but I cannot/would not continue! The language and how she describes certain things was so shocking to me!! I find it strange that I cannot find a website that is hers, so that I could ask her the same questions!

  2. Eileen McGrath

    Dear Ms. Strickland,
    We don’t normally characterize an author, but we do assign genre categories to books. We hope that those genre labels make it easier for readers to find books that they like from among the 1,000+ books on this site. I assign the Religious/Inspirational label in these situations: the characters explicitly use religious principles to guide their decision-making; or church is an important component of the characters’ social or emotional lives; or religious texts are present in the novel to guide readers in their understanding of the story. We have had almost ten bloggers contribute to Read North Carolina Novels, and it’s likely that each of us interpret this genre label slightly differently. I encourage the use of genre labels as a way to guide readers to the kind of books that they like. We also use tags to signify content. “Church life” is one of the tags in our blog; it might lead you to books more to your liking.

    As for Lynne Hinton, she is a minister in the United Church of Christ who is working as a hospice chaplain in New Mexico. Her website is