Karen Dodd. Shifting Sands. New Bern, NC: K. E. Dodd, 2009.

Anne Basnight, the self-described “CEO and caretaker of the family legacy,” is overwhelmed by her responsibilities as a Charlotte-based investment broker, disenchanted with her family, and disappointed by her inability to become pregnant. She takes off to her parents’ coastal retreat for the weekend to give herself a much needed break. However, while boating alone one morning, her plans go awry as she encounters a thunderstorm. Anne washes ashore on the fictional Harrold’s Island, the home of Eric Armstrong, a talented painter and recovering cancer patient who knew Anne as a girl. Anne is suffering from amnesia, but Eric does not believe her at first and pretends that he does not know anything about her either. As the days pass, Eric learns that Anne is being sought by the authorities for missing retirement funds; she is believed to have stolen the money and faked her death. As he tries to protect her and give her time to remember her life, the attraction between the two resurfaces. After Anne puts the pieces of her puzzle together, she must confront the accusations and the aspects of her life that have made her unhappy. In doing this, she finds the love and peace for which she has been searching.

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