Lynne Hinton. Forever Friends. San Francisco, CA: HarperSanFrancisco, 2003.

The women of Hope Springs Community Church enjoy a strong bond. In the first two novels in Hinton’s Hope Springs series, the women compiled a church cookbook to energize their Women’s Guild and discovered how much they cherished the relationships formed in that experience.

In Forever Friends, the women are once again present for each others’ hardships as well as their joys. Margaret has just discovered that she is cancer-free, and the women are delighted with the news. Jessie finally fulfills a lifelong dream to travel to Africa, and she returns with a renewed spirit. After Beatrice’s husband shares a family secret with her, she feels the satisfaction as well as responsibility of being “in” on information at last. Louise offers her friends sincere advice. And Charlotte, upon helping a parishioner’s jailed grandson, realizes that the ministry is not for her and decides to move West. The theme throughout this novel is friendship, which Hinton shows in the devotion, support, honesty, and humor that characterize their relationships. The nickname that the dedicated women given themselves, “Forever Friends”, is appropriate.

Hope Springs is Lynn Hinton’s third book in her Hope Springs series.

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