Ginny Aiken. Someone to Trust. New York: Steeple Hill Books, 2009.

The otherwise peaceful (fictional) town of Loganton, North Carolina, has been turned upside down with a recent rash of crimes. First, the beloved historic theater goes up in flames, hurting not only the owner but the fire chief, Joe Caldwell. An investigation finds that the blaze was caused by an explosion in the basement, which was the site of a hidden crystal meth lab. As Cate Caldwell, heartbroken over her father’s serious injuries and this new side of Loganton, attempts an inspection of her own, she puts herself in danger. The perpetrator is angered by Cate’s meddling, and he attacks her multiple times to try to get his point across to her. When otherwise good high school students begin overdosing on ecstasy-like drugs, resulting in the death of one student, Cate refuses to sit by and watch. Mixed in with Cate’s concern for her safety and the good of the community is the romantic tension she shares with Rand Mason, the fire investigator. Rand has suspicions of his own when it comes to Cate, who was a wild child in high school. The two make an odd couple as they investigate the underground drug scene in Loganton, but they find the person behind the terror and see that he meets justice. Cate and Rand discover that they work well together in other ways, too.

Someone to Trust is the third book in Ginny Aiken’s Carolina Justice series.

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