George Curcio. The Road to New Hope. CreateSpace, 2009.

Siblings enjoy unique relationships. Their bonds can be messy, complicated affairs or deep, joyful friendships, but no matter what, brothers and sisters always share permanent connections with one another. For Charlie and Harley Odel, their childhood was centered on their close companionship. However, once the men reached adulthood, they endured a paralyzing falling-out that resulted in them losing touch for a nearly a decade. Although the brothers would like to reconcile, neither can bring himself to make the first step. When Harley’s girlfriend encourages him to go home to Harmony Corner, North Carolina, he is unsure of how he will be received. As the couple arrives at the evening service of the Harmony Corner Baptist Church, they hear Charlie’s sermon on the prodigal son. The two men make up, forgiving each other for past mistakes, and life imitates the parable – with both brothers being welcomed home.

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