Gina Farago. Luna. Randleman, NC: NeDeo Press, 2008.

Ivy Cole needs a fresh start. Five years ago, she was at the center of a series of violent murders in mountainous Doe Springs, North Carolina. Ivy is a werewolf, and she “feeds” on the bad guys. When the local police department caught on to her, Ivy had to flee. Now making a new life with Luna, her five- year old daughter, in Salty Duck, North Carolina, Ivy begins to feel comfortable, assuring herself that they are safe. Ivy knows that her pup shares her lycanthropic powers, but she soon realizes that Luna is unique. Whereas Ivy can only shape shift during a full moon, Luna is able to transform herself at will. This special quality makes Luna desirable to the Order of Lykanthrop, an organization in Germany that studies and breeds werewolves. In an action-packed recovery effort that involves boats and helicopters, Ivy – and an unusual cast of characters from Doe Springs who have found her seeking justice and answers – protects her daughter from a lab-rat fate. Once again, however, Ivy and Luna must run away and start anew – this time with the former deputy of Doe Springs, Ivy’s old flame and Luna’s father.

Luna is the sequel to Ivy Cole and the Moon.

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