Ginny Aiken. Suspicion. New York: Steeple Hill Books, 2008.

Stephanie Scott is proud of what she’s accomplished.  Now in her late twenties, she has overcome her attention deficit disorder to earn a pharmacist degree from UNC.   Stephanie has set up a pharmacy in her hometown of Loganton, North Carolina, where she provides special services like Wednesday senior citizen day and where she employs a local teenager and a friend who’s hit a bad patch.

Stephanie hits a bad patch herself when she is mugged as she is closing her store one night.  The mugging is just the beginning–later her tires are slashed, her car forced off the road, and the pharmacy looted.  This last act sets off an investigation by the state pharmacy board, and Steph’s license is suspending pending the conclusion of the investigation.  Things look bleak, especially since the Loganton police are entertaining the theory that Stephanie has arranged the looting to cover her own misappropriation of drugs.  Thank goodness for Stephanie that the county sheriff, Hal Benson, knows her from school days.  He believes Stephanie and risks his re-election to help clear her name.  Hal’s dogged investigation (and growing love), plus her own faith, save Stephanie from despair and disgrace.

This is the second novel in the author’s Carolina Justice series.

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