Tim Myers. A Mold for Murder. New York: Berkley Prime Crime, 2007.

Where There’s Soap, the Perkins family business, seems to be a magnet for mysterious murders. In the past, there have been two deaths connected to the family’s store. In both cases, Ben, the main character and brother to six siblings, determined that he had to get to the bottom of the mystery in order to protect a loved one.

When Ben scheduled a lecture and book signing with Contessa New Berne, the soap-making expert, at Where There’s Soap he expected an afternoon that would be beneficial not only to his business but also to the bookstore owner, his girlfriend Diana. However, the contessa is murdered just before her lecture, ruining the event and turning the fictional town of Harper’s Landing, North Carolina upside down. When it is discovered that Contessa New Berne was the drunk driver who caused the accident that killed Diana’s parents, people become suspicious of Diana. However, there are many more suspects who could have wanted the unpleasant contessa dead: her assistant who was unusually late to the event, a jilted ex-lover, another soapmaker who claims that the contessa stole her material. With a frightened girlfriend, a business tainted by the murder and bad press, and a successful track record in catching criminals, Ben settles into detective mode to find the elusive murderer.

A Mold for Murder is Tim Myer’s third novel in the “Soapmaking Mystery” series.

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