Lynnette Kent. A Holiday to Remember. Toronto: Harlequin, 2009.

Chris Hammond returns to Ridgeville, North Carolina to spend time with his grandfather who is dying.  He hasn’t been back to Ridgeville in twelve years, not since a crash on the mountains took the life of the girl he loved, Juliet Radcliffe.  But if Juliet died, who is the woman he saw today in the village–a beautiful woman who looks just as Juliet would have looked if she were still alive.  Intent on learning more about the Juliet-double, Chris rides his motorcycle to Hawkridge School, where the woman, Jayne Thomas, is the headmistress.  But it’s December in the mountains, and it’s snowing–not the time to be on a chopper. Chris spins out at the gates of Hawkridge, and soon Chris is snowed in with Jayne and seven troubled teenage girls. Chris proves handy at helping everyone manage without electrical power and heat, and he charms the girls with the story of his love for Juliet. Will his story also awaken something in Jane?

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