Margaret G. Cahill. Five Star Fraud.Morrisville, NC:, 2010.

Changing jobs and moving to a new city are big steps.  Neil Launders is a cautious man, a scientist, so he didn’t move to Charlotte on a whim.  Gordon Byrnes recruited Neil hard with the offer of a great salary and a vast research-and-development budget.  The flattering words about Neil’s brilliance as a chemist didn’t hurt either.  But almost from the first moments at GB Polymers, Neil feels that something is wrong.  Only one person on his research team has been with the company for more than a year, Gordon is a micro-managing bully, and there is something off about the heir apparent, Gordon’s son, Chadwick.  But as difficult as the Byrnes men are, it’s parts of GB Polymers’ business that are truly scary in this environmentally-themed novel.

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