Cheris Hodges. No Other Lover Will Do. New York: Kensington Publishing, 2010.

Solomon Crawford edged out his older brother to become the manager of his family’s hotel chain. Now Solomon has taken a risk by opening a luxury resort in the North Carolina mountains during a down economy. Solomon is confident that it will succeed because he and his omni-competent assistant, Carmen De La Croix, have seen to every detail.

Just to be sure, Solomon decides to pay a visit to the resort.  Once there, he meets Kandace Davis, a beautiful workaholic whose friends have urged her to take a vacation from the restaurant that they all own in Charlotte. Kandace is looking for just one R–rest--so when Solomon tries to put the moves on her in the spa’s hot tub, she brushes him off in no uncertain terms. Solomon, who is quite the playboy and very confident, is sure that Kandace eventually will succumb to his charms.  As he pursues her, he realizes that Kandace will not be just another conquest and that his life will be richer if they can make a more permanent connection.

Just as Solomon and Kandace connect, Solomon receives a call from New York.  His security chief and friend, Danny, has been murdered.  Danny’s background check on a key employee sets a killer in motion, and Solomon and Kandace are both in danger.  After an attempt on his life, Solomon goes to Charlotte to recuperate.  There he is embraced by Kandace’s circle of friends, but the lovers are still threatened.

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