Isabel Sharpe. Knit in Comfort. New York: Avon, 2010.

To outsiders Megan Morgan has it all–a loving husband, three children, a nice house.  Yes, money is a little tight and Megan is busy keeping up with the house and the children and her mother-in-law who has recently moved in with them. And Megan’s husband, Stanley, who travels a lot for business, is not much help, although his affection towards Megan makes her the envy of her friends.

Into Megan’s world comes Elizabeth Detlaff, a young New Yorker who wants a break from city life and her overbearing boyfriend.  To help with the family’s finances, Megan rents Elizabeth the apartment above the garage.  Elizabeth, who has time on her hands, soon befriends all the people in the Morgan household and wriggles an invitation to Megan’s knitting goup, Purls before Wine. The only person who Elizabeth doesn’t connect with is David, the unhappy, boozy neighbor.  Only Megan–and Megan’s frenemy, Ella–get along with him.

Cheerful and well-meaning though she is, Elizabeth is a disruptive force.  The women in the knitting group have their share of jealousies, secrets, and unhappiness–and Megan’s secret is the most explosive of all.  Once that secret gets out, Megan has to face the ugly truth about her marriage.  With imperfect support from the knitting group and Elizabeth, Megan changes her life.  A family tale from the Shetland Islands that both haunts and helps Megan is woven nicely through the book.

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