Nic Brown. Doubles. Berkeley, CA: Counterpoint, 2010.

“Slow” Smith put his doubles tennis career on hold when his beloved wife, Anne, fell into a coma a few months ago. Her condition is the result of a terrible car accident for which Slow feels great guilt. The brake pedal that he had installed earlier in the day failed, and he blames himself for the wreck and the death of their unborn child. When Manny, his old tennis coach, comes to Chapel Hill to coerce him into playing at Forest Hills, Slow is forced back into the game. He is also pushed to face some harsh realities about his most significant relationships.

In New York, Slow reunites with Kaz, his longtime doubles partner. Although they are masters at their sport, beating such greats as Federer and Agassi, they are little known because in the hierarchies of their sport. Slow and Kaz are doubles, not singles, players, and therefore enjoy little renown. Still, they want to keep a high ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) rank, so they must continue to win matches. During this tournament, Slow learns that Kaz and Anne had an affair months before the accident. With the knowledge of the indiscretion by his two most trusted friends, Slow is confused and bitter. When Anne wakes up eighteen months after the accident, he cannot ignore his feelings and requests a divorce. Although he and Anne eventually reconcile, Slow is forever haunted by the painful actions of the people he loves most. Nic Brown shows that relationships, like life, are fragile.

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