Lynne Hinton. Wedding Cake. New York: Avon, 2010.

Beatrice, Charlotte, Jessie, and Louise have had an eventful year. Margaret’s death was hard on the “Forever Friends,” and they continue to grieve for her. The women often discuss what Margaret would think of their lives and what advice she would offer. Beatrice is struggling with her daughter Robin’s engagement to a man who Robin has never mentioned or introduced to her. Charlotte is unsure of her new boyfriend’s close relationship with his ex-wife, who happens to be a resident at her shelter for battered women (he is not the perpetrator). In the midst of celebrating her husband’s return home after a long and painful absence, Jessie discovers an affair he had years ago while living in Baltimore. Jessie is hurt, and she is unsure if she wants to renew her vows with James after this revelation. Louise is shocked when the husband of recently deceased friend, a man she never had a strong relationship with, proposes to her. In all of these situations, the four realize that Margaret would encourage them to keep their hearts and minds open and to love and be loved.

Wedding Cake is Lynn Hinton’s fifth book in her Hope Springs series.

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