Lynette Kent. Smoky Mountain Home. Toronto: Harlequin, 2008.

Ruth Ann Blakely has invested her whole life in the Hawkridge School.  She grew up helping her father care for the horses at the school; now Ruth Ann is the equestrian trainer and instructor.  The stable that she works in has stood for a hundred years; it’s functional and it has history and charm. So why are the school’s trustees so gung-ho about building a new stable?  Ruth Ann wants no part of this change, and Jonah Granger, the slick architect who’s come down from New York with his design for the new structure, just sets her blood to boiling.  He’s arrogant, clueless about what makes a good stable, and a bad parent to boot!  But wait, maybe things are not what they seem.  As Ruth Ann gets to know Jonah’s stepdaughter, Darcy (a new student at the school), and Jonah spends time at the barn, she sees his affection for Darcy. But Jonah has ideas about lots of things and he pushes Ruth Ann out of her comfort zone–professionally and personally.

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