Joyce M. Jacobs. Trailer Park Brats. Risingmeadow Books,2009.

Robin has heard the mean things that have been said about trailer parks. She has seen the “snotty expressions” people have when they find out that she lives in one. But the tweenager is very happy in her trailer park, Mobile Acres. She appreciates the sense of community that she and her mother share with her neighbors, and she loves living so close to her best friend, Tawana. When Gloria, an “Army brat” moves to their Shallotte, North Carolina, trailer park, the three quickly become pals, calling themselves the Trailer Park Brats. Over the course of the summer, Robin and Tawana introduce Gloria to the neighborhood and enjoy a few adventures, including alerting a friend to a fire at his trailer, spying on a loner neighbor who they are convinced is a vampire, and witnessing a drug dealer trying to sell marijuana to a friend. Through their fun and their trials, the Trailer Park Brats learn life lessons and form a deep bond. By the time school is about to start, the three decide that their summer at Mobile Acres has been their best yet.

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