Joyce and Jim Lavene. A Timely Vision. New York: Berkley Prime Crime, 2010.

Sibling rivalry can be the cause for bitter grudges, and in the case of the Butler sisters, decades of differences have created a long rift. Although they love each other, Miss Mildred acts strangely when her fellow nonagenarian sister Lizzie is found dead. Dae O’Donnell, mayor of Duck, North Carolina, and owner of Missing Pieces, a shop that specializes in the unique, is involved in the mystery of Miss Elizabeth’s death because she made the unfortunate discovery. Dae is blessed (or cursed) with psychic abilities; she was on a mission to help Miss Millie find her mother’s watch when she found her dead sister. Now the police chief is convinced that Miss Millie had something to do with Miss Elizabeth’s death. Miss Millie’s odd reaction to the murder and her claims that she sees her sister’s ghost is not helping her situation. Dae fights to protect Millie, but she is taken into custody. When Dae learns that both sisters’ properties have been put up for auction, she begins to suspect the new realtor in town and others who could benefit from the Butler sisters “going away” and their homes going up for sale.

A Timely Vision is the first novel in the “Missing Pieces Mystery” series.

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