Dixie Land. Deadly Company. Kernersville, NC: Alabaster Books, 2009.

There’s a saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.”  That’s certainly the case for Diana Delaney.  After the company accountant shows Diana evidence that the company’s president has been cooking the books, the two women take their evidence to the police.  Before he can be tried for fraud, Frank Weston disappears; it is unclear if he has been murdered or if he has fled.  Diana suspects the later because shortly after Weston disappears, she and the accountant receive threatening phone calls.

The threats prove too much for Diana, so she flies to Greensboro, North Carolina with the idea of staying with her cousin Nora for a few weeks.  Nora has problems too–a close friend has been killed in a car accident, leaving two young daughter and a grieving husband.  Diana is drawn into helping the stricken family, and she puts down roots in Greensboro, working for Nora’s company and living with the dead woman’s sister.  But suddenly Diana begins to receive threats again, and she fears that the person who drove her from Wisconsin will threaten her life in North Carolina.  Diana fears for herself and for the new people in her life whom she has come to love.  Only after Diana is kidnapped does she learn who her true enemy is.

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