Jessica Beck. The Donut Shop Mysteries.

April Springs, North Carolina is Suzanne Hart’s hometown, so she is not about to leave it when her marriage breaks up.  Suzanne moves back in with her mother and buys the donut shop in the heart of downtown.  There trouble finds her.  First, a body is left outside the shop early one morning, then someone dies after eating one of Suzanne’s donuts.  Even when Suzanne has no apparent connection to the murder, the local police chief suspects her.  Continually feeling that she has to clear her name, Suzanne wades into any number of mysteries in her town.  Along the way, readers get to know an endearing cast of characters, including Suzanne’s mother, ex-husband, Max, her best friend, Grace, and George, a retired policeman who helps Suzanne.  Even Suzanne’s nemesis, Police Chief Martin, is gently portrayed in this cozy mystery series.

As a bonus to readers, each book includes recipes for some of the baked goods mentioned in the novel.  Sweet!

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