D. L. Walker. Scaffold. Baltimore, MD: PublishAmerica, 2007.

Professional wrestling is almost a world of its own. With a set code of rules, wide variety of characters, outlandish gimmicks, and carefully planned pageantry, the form of entertainment is very popular among young and old alike. Because of the nature of the sport, however, its history is wrought with controversy.

Although personal injury lawyer Bill Watson does not necessarily buy into all of the pro wrestling hype, he is willing to take his son to an event at a local high school in Charlotte featuring some of his favorite players. When a stunt goes terribly wrong and two wrestlers fall from a scaffold, resulting in the death of one and paralysis of another, Bill becomes suspicious. How could something that is supposed to be scripted result in such tragedy? As Bill begins to investigate the case, he uncovers the sinister truth behind one federation’s manager.

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  1. Bob

    This was an interesting book, but never got too much publicity due to its “too close to home” nature. Scaffold matches are inherently insane, as all one has to do is watch some on YouTube to get a sense of truly how dangerous they are, especially when the setup used is unstable and/or tables are introduced. Dislocations, concussions, broken ankles, knee problems, and more have plagued these types of matches since they were introduced.