Jessica Beck Evil Éclairs New York: St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2011.

Suzanne Hart was mighty angry when local talk show host Lester Moorefield spouted off about how donuts and similar baked goods contribute to the nation’s obesity epidemic.  Moorefield even went so far as to urge his listeners to boycott Suzanne’s donut shop for a week.  As mad as Suzanne was, she did not choke Moorefield by forcing an éclair down his throat.  But when Moorefield appears to experience death by éclair, Suzanne is Suspect #1.

In fact, Moorefield was strangled and the éclair added after the fact.  But Suzanne is still the most likely suspect in the eyes of many people, so Suzanne, her best friend Grace, and George, a regular customer who is a retired cop, begin to investigate the crime.  They know that Moorefield angered many people with his incendiary on-air attacks.  When they start to dig they find a whole lot more–an estranged wife in the next town, a prison record, and financial shenanigans that includes embezzling $2.7 million.  Just when Suzanne thinks she is making progress on the case, Cupid complicates everything–Jake Bishop, a state police investigator and Suzanne’s boyfriend, is assigned to the case, and the local chief of police’s divorce has become final and he has his sights set on an old flame–Suzanne’s mom.

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