Leigh Greenwood. Family Merger. New York: Silhouette Books, 2002.

This is not your typical romance novel.  Cynthia Egan is a pregnant high school student who has taken refuge in a small Charlotte home for unwed mothers.  Cynthia grew up wealthy, but she felt neglected by her widowed father who was often away on business.  When he learns that his daughter has left home, Cynthia’s dad, Ron, flies back to Charlotte ready to make things right.  But he is clueless about what Cynthia needs and how she got to the situation she’s now in.  Kathryn Roper, who runs the home that Cynthia is staying in, plans to set Mister Hot-Shot Business Man-Neglectful Dad straight. What Kathryn hadn’t planed on was Ron’s interest in her and her attraction to him.

Kathryn and Ron spar over Cynthia in crisp and believable dialog.  But the budding relationship between Kathryn and Ron does not dominate the book.  Equal time is given to Cynthia and how her pregnancy affects the people in her life–from the baby’s father to the household staff who brought her up–making this a novel with some social weight. Family Merger takes on the troubling topic of teen pregnancy–but like all romances, the book has a happy ending.

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