Chris Cavender. Pizza Lovers Mystery Series.

Eleanor Swift enjoys being the owner of A Slice of Delight, the pizzeria in her hometown, (the fictional) Timber Ridge, North Carolina.  Her sister Maddy works with her, the waiters and delivery man feel like family, and Timber Ridge is a nice little mountain town.  Then why are there so many murders?  Eleanor’s quick temper make her the prime suspect in several of the murders, but even when she isn’t a suspect, Eleanor can’t resist sticking her nose in the crimes.  Is that because her high school boyfriend is now the town’s police chief?  Or is just because Timber Ridge is the kind of small town where everyone is in everyone else’s business?

As the series continues characters are add, include a love interest for Maddy and a new beau for Eleanor.  These novels are clearly for readers who crave a cozy mystery.  The books will satisfy pizza lovers too since they include recipes for pizza dough, sauces, and fillings. Yum!

Find all the novels in the Pizza Lovers Mystery Series at the UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries by clicking on the titles listed below:

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