Jane Tesh. Stolen Hearts. Scottsdale, AZ: Poisoned Pen Press, 2011.

David Randall is down on his luck, sleeping in his car, when he hears police cars rushing down the street.  It appears that a burglar has broken into Albert Bennett’s house and killed the old man. The crimes galvanizes David the way almost nothing has since his young daughter died a few years back.  After a mediocre career as a private investigator and two failed marriages, David wakes up and tries to take back his life.  He will avenge Bennett’s death and in doing so redeem his own life.

Unfortunately for David,  Albert Bennett’s murder is not an open and shut case. For starters, why would anyone break into a rich man’s house and leave with nothing but an old notebook found on the front lawn the night of the murder? And what does all that gibberish in the notebook mean? Is it music? Before David can get very far into the case, he realizes that he needs a place to stay and a place to call an office.  His obliging friend Camden provides both, but Cam is a psychic who runs a boarding house, so suddenly David has a place to hang his hat, but also lots of complications, including a lovely fellow boarder who may help him forget about his unfortunate marital track record.

This is a book for music buffs and those who like their mysteries spiced up with a touch of the paranormal.

This is the first novel in Tesh’s new series, the Grace Street Mysteries.

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  1. I’ve just finished this book and is really awesome!