Chris Cavender. Rest in Pizza. New York: Kensington Books, 2012.

Maddy’s boyfriend, Bob Lemon, has popped the question, but the much-married Maddy isn’t sure that she’s ready for another walk down the aisle.  Eleanor’s thoughtless reaction to this development has made a touchy situation more so, so the sisters decide to distract themselves by investigating the murder of celebrity chef Antonio Benet.  Benet, who was in Timber Ridge for a book-signing, was murder in A Slice of Delight, so their friends already half-expect them to look for the killer.

And there is no shortage of suspects.  Chef Benet was an arrogant, angry man.  His chief assistant despised him, his wife thought he was having an affair, and his producer was trying to keep him from bolting to another television network.  But Eleanor can’t help but wondering why Benet would want to do a cooking demonstration at the local bookstore.  Did the famous chef have a connection to someone or something in Timber Ridge?  Did he bring trouble with him, or was it already waiting for him in Eleanor’s little mountain town?

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