K. Robert Campbell. The Cameron Scott Suspense Series.

K. Robert Campbell draws on his experiences as a lawyer and a park ranger for this series of mysteries. Main character Cameron Scott’s home base is coastal North Carolina, but his cases and web of friends take him around the state.  Wherever Cameron goes, trouble finds hime. Whether it’s a train ride in the mountains, or a presentation to an appeals court in Raleigh, murder and intrigue turn simple pleasures and simple cases into something else.  Insurrectionists, shady corporations, and extremists of various stripes figure in the plots, as does Mother Nature who serves up hurricanes and tornadoes at the most inopportune times. Along to add a cool head and moral support is Cameron’s wife, Mary, who is a control room supervisor at a nuclear plant near the coast. The easy back-and-forth between Cameron and Mary provides a cozy element that lightens up this series of thrillers.



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2 Responses to K. Robert Campbell. The Cameron Scott Suspense Series.

  1. gene wheat

    i enjoyed the Cameron Scott series very much. I do hope you will continue.

  2. Jerry Gable

    Hello Ken – Waiting and waiting for book “One”. Hope you and Mary are doing well. – Jerry & Lois