Sherryl Woods. Sand Castle Bay. Don Mills, Ont.: Harlequin Mira, 2013.

sand castleEmily Castle and Boone Dorsett were sweethearts when Emily spent her summers at Sand Castle Bay.  Boone hoped that Emily would settle down with him, but the young woman wanted to pursue her dream of being an interior designer–not a viable career option in the little coastal town.  Boone eventually married someone else.

As Sand Castle Bay opens it has been ten years since the young lovers’ breakup.  Boone is a now restaurant owner and a widower with a young son.  Emily has become a successful decorator in Colorado, but she is called back to North Carolina when her grandmother’s restaurant is threatened by a major storm.  Emily’s grandmother, Cora Jane, has become close with Boone, each supporting the other in the difficult business of running a tourist-oriented business.  Cora Jane knows that Boone still has feelings for Emily and she finds ways to push the two of them together.  But other family members throw up obstacles–chiefly Emily’s sisters who love to interfere in their sister’s life and Boone’s mother-in-law who is possessive of her grandson and bitter about her daughter’s early death.  And personal matters are not the only impediments to a new beginning for Emily and Boone.  Boone’s business has taken off and he is adding restaurants in other states, and Emily has big jobs coming up in California and back in Colorado.  Sand Castle Bay gives readers a mature, realistic take on the rocky road to happily-ever-after.


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