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Lara Bergen. See You Soon, Samantha. New York: Scholastic, 2010.

Samantha Macintosh is being forced to spend the entire summer in Salt Isle, North Carolina, where her mother’s college roommate, Karen, has just inherited a rundown hotel. While two months at the beach might sound like fun to some, twelve year-old Samantha (not “Sam”) is not looking forward to being separated from her two best friends in New Jersey.

The hotel has no air conditioning, there is a rule that no sugar or wheat is allowed, and the hotel may be haunted. Juliette, the cool teenager who Samantha thought would be her friend, turns out to be unpleasant and distant. Although she pouts for the first few days, Samantha soon realizes that she has to have some fun. She gets to know Karen’s children (even though they seem much younger), befriends a cute lifeguard at the beach, and learns how to surf. She also reaches out to Juliette, and the two become close – almost like sisters. By the end of the summer, Samantha finds that she does not want to leave Salt Isle and cannot wait until next summer!

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