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Rob Boisvert. Golgotha. Charlotte, NC: Mint Hill Books, 2010.

This novel follows Hoyle Templeton at a crucial period in his life.  Long divorced, Hoyle lives by himself on his family’s land in the mountains of North Carolina.  Hoyle is a talented carpenter.  When he restores the library in a large Victorian house in Asheville, the house’s new owner, Diane, is ever-present.  Diane is talkative and unsettled after a recent divorce, and she pushes her way into Hoyle’s life.

Hoyle is not looking for a romance.  The woman who concerns him the most is his daughter, Christine.  Christine was brought up by her mother, with little input from Hoyle, and in adolescence Christine began to use drugs.  Midway through the novel Christine leaves her drug-dealing, evil boyfriend and comes to live with Hoyle.  Will Hoyle’s love for his daughter save her, and what sacrifices will he make to secure her future?

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