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Bethany Campbell. One Track Mind. Toronto: Harlequin, 2009.

Halesboro has seen better days.  In its heyday the racetrack in town was part of the NASCAR circuit, bringing crews, spectators, and publicity that made the businesses on Main Street thrive.  Lori Garland’s family owned the track, and Lori was the unofficial town princess. Kane Ledger was a poor boy, from a troubled family; he left Halesboro under a cloud, without even finishing high school.

My how things change.  In his final years, Lori’s father made some bad business decisions.  He lost the NASCAR contract, and the track became rundown.  Lori quit her job as a schoolteacher to try to save the track, but she can’t make a go of it.  In steps Kane, now a successful lawyer and sports agent in Charlotte.  He buys the racetrack and hires Lori to run the track for a year.

Lori and Kane have a history together (after all, this is a romance novel), but their attempts to work together are clouded by more than the high school romance that was squelched by her parents.  Vandalism at the track is becoming a common occurrence and it’s getting more violent.  Also, the town has suddenly come to the notice of outside investors who are trying to buy up downtown real estate and the nice mansion on the hill.  Lori wonders if Kane has anything to do with this, and if he is somehow getting revenge on her and the town. Before the novel ends, all the pieces fall into place.

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