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Abigail DeWitt. Dogs. Davidson, NC: Lorimer Press, 2010.

Molly Moore, the daughter of a judge, grew up in a large home with four brothers and sisters. On the surface, her family exuded the suburban Texas lifestyle: wealthy, highly-educated, and on par with the Joneses. However, the Moore family was not as close others expected, and they fell apart when Molly was still an adolescent. The lack of compassion she received from her father and her desire to fit in led Molly to develop an unhealthy understanding of sex.

After quitting Harvard to become a maid, Molly becomes pregnant. On a whim, she decides to move to the mountains of North Carolina to raise her child. While there, she finds happiness and peace, again as a maid, living in a trailer with her son. This serenity is interrupted when a car driven by her father kills her former best friend’s daughter and later when her father dies of cancer. In these trials, Molly must reexamine her father’s life and their relationship to find a deeper meaning for herself.

Although most of this novel is set in Texas and Massachusetts, Molly seems happiest in North Carolina.

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