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Dara Girard. Words of Seduction. New York: Kimani Press, 2010.

When your last parent dies, you have to return home.  There are things to do–arrange a funeral, visit with family, sort through things, sell the family home. One thing that Suzanne Rand did not plan to sort through was her feelings for Rick Gordon.  Rick, a trade school dropout, had left Anadale, North Carolina a decade ago.  Much to everyone’s surprise, he made something of himself, building a successful business creating energy-saving devices.  Suzanne was expected to make good–the daughter of a judge, from a good family, married to an attorney. What no one expected was that she would air the town’s dirty laundry in a blockbuster novel.  Suzanne left town under a cloud when he marriage failed five plus years ago, now some see the novel as her revenge for the humiliation she suffered then.

But that’s then, and this is now. Suzanne only wants to sell her father’s house and get out of town.  Rick wants to buy the house but he seems to want more than just the Rand real estate–he wants Suzanne’s heart. Because Anadale is both Rick and Suzanne’s hometown, they each have family and a past there and those complicating factors add uncertainty and more tension to this love story.

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