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Janett Norris Nelson. The Seamstress’ Nightmare. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2011.

When their cousin Danita decides to get married in Garden Grove, California, sisters and business partners Sherry and Harriet Torris are very excited. Besides their happiness for Danita, the wedding will give them the opportunity to travel all across the country in their mobile home. They pack their things, leave their design business in the capable hands of a friend, and are all ready to go, but then Harriet receives a mysterious letter in the mail warning them not to come to Garden Grove. Harriet is alarmed, but she is determined to make it to her cousin’s wedding, so the two sisters set off from their home in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, someone is clearly out to stop them. Threatening figures lurk around their mobile home at all hours of the night, and their tires are slashed or mysteriously flat. Only through the kindness of a handsome stranger, Wayne Gordon, are they able to make it to Garden Grove. The sisters breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that the troubling harassment will cease, but it only gets worse. When Danita’s fiancé is poisoned, Sherry and Harriet know that they and local law enforcement have to find the perpetrator. It’s difficult to find the truth when Harriet is distracted by her handsome boyfriend Dallas, and Sherry is busy fending off not one, but several would-be swains, but everything is resolved happily in the end.

Although the main characters are Tar Heels, almost all the action takes place in California.

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