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L. A. Parker. Against the Grain. Charleston, SC: L. A. Parker, 2010.

Sometimes the finer things in life do not come quickly. Some artisan cheeses and wines take years to perfect. Custom-made furniture requires acute attention and gentle care, and it cannot be produced overnight. The cultivation of love can also demand patience and time.

Lee Wynn knows this all too well. A skilled craftsman, his trade has taught him the importance of yielding to time. Recently divorced, his experience of marrying too quickly without being completely in love has also given him a new appreciation for waiting.

When Delaney Daughtry Rice, his life-long crush, walks back into his life with an order for a new bed, Lee knows that he should not be hasty. Sure, she is newly separated, incredibly successful and wealthy, and seems to be interested in him, but Lee is afraid of ruining any chance that he has with her. The two start slow, seeing each other privately. When Lee is ready to profess his love to Delaney to all of Racine, North Carolina, she balks. Although she knows she has developed real feelings for Lee, Delaney cannot get past their blue collar/white collar differences and calls off the affair. However, she soon realizes she was wrong to carelessly and quickly brush away Lee’s affection. In time, Lee and Delaney get back together and decide that their love was worth the wait.

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