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Pauline Trent. Falling in Love. New York: Zebra Books, 2009.

Angie Kane and Chris Montgomery have had very different life experiences.  Lambert Falls, North Carolina brings them together.  The question is will it also pull them apart?  Angie grew up in the little Piedmont town—she knows everyone and everyone knows her.  Her job as a waitress in the local dinner is nothing special, but she’s happy to have work that keeps her near the man who brought her up, her uncle, Sheriff Bobby Granger.  Chris is new to the town, but his grandfather was the town doctor and a good friend of Sheriff Granger.  Chris has come to Lambert Falls after sustaining near-fatal injuries as a Green Beret.

Sheriff Granger likes Chris but counsels him to take it slow with Angie.  Chris does, and the romance blooms.  After Chris employs Angie to help him clean out and redecorate his grandfather’s stately house, Angie finds herself in demand as a decorator.  Angie begins to see a brighter future for herself, but that future is threatened when Chris’s Green Beret mentor asks Chris to help him train a special team in Colorado.  A second trip to Colorado convinces Angie that this romance won’t work, and this reader believed that too, but wise advice from an unexpected source resolves the conflict.

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