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To Everything There Is A Season

Since this blog was created in 2008, we have attempted to bring readers timely information on novels set in the Tar Heel State. Our focus has been on recently published novels from the full range of publishing houses, and even self-published novels as we became aware of those works.  As time permitted, we added information on older novels set in North Carolina so that the blog could function as a source of information on North Carolina novels across the decades.

The blog posts were created chiefly by one staff member and a series of talented graduate students. Now all those graduate students have gone on to their careers and the staff member has retired. Readers who have grown used to our twice weekly posts will be disappointed because the appearance of new posts will be unpredictable until a new staff member is hired later this year. But the blog will not be stagnant if authors and readers continue to share news of new novels and comments about their favorite North Carolina novels. In this interim, while we await a new staff member, let’s hear from you. Let this be your season.


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We’ve Moved!

Thank you for dropping in at Read North Carolina Novels.  As part of a web redesign project at the UNC Library, this blog has moved to a new URL:

Please be sure to update your bookmarks and RSS feeds with the new address.

If you have questions, please contact Eileen McGrath at


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David Shaffer. The Harry Caine Mysteries.

  • Paid in Full. Kernersville, NC: Alabaster Books, 2005.
  • Burned. Kernersville, NC: Alabaster Books, 2005.
  • Dead Right. Kernersville, NC: Alabaster Book Publishing, 2007.
  • Wake-Up Call. Kernersville, NC: Alabaster Book Publishing, 2008.
  • The Double Lie. Kernersville, NC: Alabaster Book Publishing, 2011.

Harry Caine is a detective of the old school: he likes his drinks strong and his women frisky, and he makes his own rules.  When this series opens, Harry is closing his private investigation agency in Silicon Valley.  After a misadventure at sea, Harry makes West Palm Beach, Florida his home. He opens a new agency, hires an assistant, Mona, and takes on cases that have him on the move from California to the Caribbean to North Carolina. Only the novels with a North Carolina setting are described in this blog.

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