26 September 1862: “Walter’s right leg was cut off about six inches below the knee… That leg was struck three times by musket OR rifle balls”

Item description: Letter, 26 September 1862, from Thomas I. Lenoir to his wife Lizzie. Lenoir writes of visiting his brother Walter Lenoir and nephew Tom Norwood, both wounded at the Second Battle of Bull Run.

Item citation: From the Lenoir Family Papers #426Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Middleburg Va. Sept. 26th 1862

My Dear Lizzie

I arrived here on Tuesday night and found Walter and Tom Norwood in the same room – Walter’s right leg was cut off about six inches below the knee – It would have been taken off nearer to the knee, but another ball had slightly wounded him on the shin at the proper place for amputation – That leg was struck three times by musket OR rifle balls-

Tom was shot through the heel, barely touching the bone, the Doctor says that his foot will not be permanently injured – They both seemed to be doing well – Tom is well enough to start home now, but the Dr say that Walter Can’t go before next Monday week (6th Oct.) We will probably be delayed in Richmond a few days and get to Lenoir about the 15 or 16th Oct-

This place is about forty miles from Washington City- About 800 yankee Cavalry passed through this place on the day before I reached here – They went to the hospital and paroled about 70 of the sick and wounded, and then took fright at the dust raised by a threshing machine and skedadled

They did not find Walter and Tom as they were in a private house – There was (said to be) about 1800 wounded and sick here when I came, but they are being sent off rapidly and the number is now much reduced – Over 100 have been buried in one graveyard here and I saw four graves open at one time here-

On last Monday the yankees were still burying their dead at Manassa- the battle ground is perhaps fifteen miles from this place-

Sept. 29th

I did not get to send this leaf when I expected to but an opportunity is now at hand

Walter and Tom both still seem to be doing tolerably well- and I am quite well, I think that we will probably start last of this week but the time of my getting home is quite uncertain – Our troops have fallen back towards Winchester- This is probably all the news that I have, but I must close

Good bye My Darling
Your affectionate

Be sute to write me immediately and direct to Lenori and if this is not long on the way write to me at Richmond and to the Care of

Rev William Norwood

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