7 October 1862: “we all landed safe but one man… he was drunk & fell out of the cars and broke his leg.”

Item description: Letter, dated 7 October 1862, from soldier A.M. Kee, Richmond, V.A., to Andrew Baxter Springs (1819-1886), Springfield Plantation, York District, S.C. The Springs family were stockholders and directors of various banks, railroads, and manufacturing firms.

Item citation: In the Springs Family Papers #4121, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Richmond. Va.
Oct 7th 1862

Dear sir I caught up with our Regiment at Rauleigh N.C. Saturday and we went on to Petersburg and Camped their Sunday night we are now camped about 3 miles from Richmond on the Mechanicksville Turn pike Road. we are close to where the Seven days battles was we all landed safe but one man he belonged to capt Watteys company he was drunk & fell out of the cars and broke his leg. I want you to write soon and tell me whether John G Withers Estate will come in for a share in old Jemima Withers Est or not tell me all about it give me your opinion whether I will have to pay W B Withers that security money or not write soon for I dont know how long we will stay at this place
Nothing More
Yours, VC
A. M. Kee

Mr Springs you must excuse me for writing to you with a pencil for I have neither pen nor ink nor I cant get neither I dont know whether you can Read the letter or not it is so badly written I had to write it on my fence Colonel Black has severe vengeance against all who went home from Sumnersvill S C before the Reg left, but those that done like himself went left the cars after the Reg started he wont court martial although some of them stayed 3 weeks before they came to Camp, but all that he is going to court martial caught up with the Regt before we got to Petersburg, I caught up with the Regt at Raleigh N.C there is no justice in the man and every man in camp bothe officers & privates are cursing him & say they will bring charges against him our best officers is Resigning I fear our regt will be disbanded if there aint an alteration some how
A M Kee


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