24 February 1863: “Promenading and flirting wound up the affair about eleven o’clock.”

Item description: Portions of “Leaves from a Diary Written While Serving in Co. E, 44 Mass., Dep’t of No. Carolina,” an account, written by John Jasper Wyeth of Co. E, of the experiences of the 44th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. The book includes this letter written on 24 February 1863.

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Item citation: From, “Leaves from a diary written while serving in Co. E, 44 Mass., Dep’t of No. Carolina, from September, 1862, to June, 1863.” by John Jasper Wyeth, Boston, L. F. Lawrence & Co., 1878. Catalog Number: C970.742 W97, North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

FEBRUARY 24. — The time for the last two weeks has been used up with drill, quinine, and getting ready for the ball last night. It was ahead of anything yet. The partition between “D” and “E” was taken down, and about all day spent in fixing up our hall. The bunks were hidden by the shelter-tents festooned, and scrolls underneath, with the names of the officers on them. The card of the managers was as follows : —



The pleasure of your company, with ladies, is respectfully solicited at a Grand Bal-Masque, to be given under the auspices of the 44th Regiment Dramatic Association, at the Barracks of Companies D and E,

On Monday Evening, February 23d, 1863.

Floor Managers.

William Howard,

J. B. Rice, Jr., 

Harry T. Reed 

Committee of Arrangements.

Sergt. G. L. Tripp, Co. D.
Corpl. C. E. Tucker, Co E.

” H. A. Homer, E.

H. Howard, D.

Corpl. Z. T. Haines, D.

J. H. Waterman, D.

” J. B. Gardner, D.

A. H. Bradish, E.

” J. W. Cartwright, E.

C. H. Demeritt, D.

” M. E. Boyd, D.

D. Howard, D.

F. A. Sayer, D.

E. L. Hill, A.

Tickets, Ten Cents, to be had only of the Managers. 

Music by the New Berne Quadrille Band. Five pieces.


1. March … Lee’s Quickstep.

2. Quadrille … Sullivan’s Double Quick.

3. Lancers  … Richardson’s March,

4. Contra … Skittletop Galop.

5. Redowa  …Odiorne’s Choice.

6. Quadrille  … Surgeon’s Call.

7. Polka  … Mary Lee’s Delight.

8. Contra  … Stebbins’ Reel.


9. Quadrille  … Ham Fat Man.

10. Waltz  … Pas de Seul.

11. Quadrille  … Dismal Swamp.

12. Contra  … Friends at Home.

13. Polka  … “Long Acre.”

14. Quadrille  … Dug-Out Race.

15. Military Quadrille … Newell’s March.

Generals Foster and Wessels, besides other officers of note, were there, and seemed to be much pleased. Some of the costumes were good. Deacon Foster (H. W. Johnson) walked about the barracks as natural as life. Patten, made up as a Howard-street Sport, was so good, that Capt. Richarson did not recognize him. Among others, Chum Ward showed to advantage as a lady, having borrowed a complete outfit for the occasion.

Promenading and flirting wound up the affair about eleven o’clock.

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