8 March 1863: “you wish to no how i got out of coming to the armey i was over age the call was from 18 to 40”

Item description: Letter, 8 March 1863, to Edwin Keiger in Kinston, N.C., from Joseph Boles in Raleigh, N.C.The letter describes the inflated prices for food, horses, and other goods during the Civil War. Included is discussion of why Boles was not serving in the army; his plan to visit Keiger; and his faith. The letter also has a postscript describing food and other items sent to Keiger by Eliza.

Item citation: From Miscellaneous Letters #516, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

Little Yadkin, Stokes Co. N.C.
March 8 1863

Joseph Boles

Dear Brother
It is again i seat my self to drop you a few lines in answer to your kind letter which I received yesterday evening which give me much satisfaction to hear from you and hear that you was well these few lines leaves me and all the rest well and earnestly hope these few lines may find you injoying the same state of health i have no newse to write that would be of any importance to you more than there is hard times here and no hopes of any better soon i fear corn is worth from 5 to 6 dollars per bushel bacon is worth 50 cts per pound i have sold a fine nag and got [47?] dollers and a half and then i bought another and sold it for 15 dollers i spent one day and a half a looking for me another but faild to get it for i would not get one for les than two hundred dollers tha ast that for a comon plantation nag i have got two hundred and 37 dollers at this time you wish to no how i got out of coming to the armey i was over age the call was from 18 to 40 this is the way i got out of it you sed in your letter that you understood tha was called up to fifty there tha have cald no higher than 40 here it was my intetion to a come to a seen you before this time but i have put it of till it is two late now but if it is your request i will try an come yet and bring you something to eat and if tha call to 45 it will get me and if tha do my earnest desire is to come to that Co. if tha will receive me and if i never should see you in this world no more i hope to meet you in a better world than this where parting will be no more and where there will be no more wars nor fitings so i must close by saying write as often as you can i remain yours truly father has got up and about. Joseph Boles to Edwin Keiger

Eliza has sent you by Mrs. Plumer 9 cakes and one small peace of beef i would of sent you another ham of meet but tha could not take it i sent you one when E. Butner went and i guess it eat first write if you got it or not so farewell Dear brother for this time please hand this other leter to A.W. Eliza [Cales?] E. Keig

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