20 September 1863: “There has been a very brave & successful repulse of an attack on Fort Sumter.”

Item description: Diary entry, dated 20 September 1863, by Meta Morris Grimball.  She describes a naval engagement at Fort Sumter and other military maneuvers in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

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Item Citation: From the Margaret Ann “Meta” Morris Grimball Diary #975, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Item transcription:

September 20 There has been a very brave & successful repulse of an attack on Fort Sumter.  The Artillery have been moved from the Fort & an Infantry company, the Charleston Batallion put there & major Stephen Elliott placed in command it is said that they took the flag that used to be on the Fort, & Major Anderson was permitted to take with them.

Every thing is now tending to a battle in the West.  As there were no longer any guns to men in Fort Sumter the Artillery were placed in different batteries Williams’ company are at Fort Ripley a ward in the middle of the harbour or rather near Fort Sumter, they have a boat to live in & find it very disagreeable.  We saw yesterday the death of Mrs. Alice Heyward, the war I expect has killed her, I have know her so long & always liked her that I feel much shocked.

Berkeley has gone to Fort Johnson, with the Marions.  Last night W. Carson came here to pay a visit he stays too long.  But it is civil his calling this is the 4th or 5th visit.

More about this item:  The “repulse of an attack on Fort Sumter” she describes may refer to the Second Battle of Fort Sumter, occurring on 8 September 1863.

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